Technical assistance robot and
for fire-fighting

TEC800 is a remotely operated robot designed to support firefighters in operations

Fire extinguishing

TEC800 is the preferred choice for underground fires (tunnels, car parks) and fires with high explosion risks (industrial sites, warehouses, refineries).
is capable of protecting itself from heat with a diffusing water jet.

Victim assistance

Equipped with a stretcher holder, TEC800 assists firefighters by facilitating the evacuation of injured people.

Logistical support

TEC800 can accommodate a tool cage or straps on its technical platform, allowing the transport of heavy equipment.

Statement of information

As a scout, TEC800 determines the risks by gathering information on the areas at risk for the personnel. (cameras, sensors, etc.)

The ally of firefighters in operations

TEC800 is the essential tool for fire fighters in extreme situations: risks of explosions, very low visibility, high temperature...

Create your own firefighter robot according to your needs

State-of-the-art technology

TEC800 is the result of several years of research and development in collaboration with the fire service.

The TEC800 is equipped with shock absorbers and anti-roll bars to increase its traction and crossing ability.

Its brushless motors make it more reliable. No maintenance is required.

Equipped with a monitoring system, the operator can know thehealth status of the robot in real time.

A black box records all the robot's activity, allowing for faster remote diagnostics.

Impressive performance







70mm water hose



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