This tool introduces you to the TEC800 robot designed by Angatec.
You can find out about its features, performance and functions.
You can also configure the robot: choose the color, options, tools.
Use your mouse to move and zoom on the robot.
Click on the top right menu to start playing.

If you have any question or to request a full featured configurator with technical descriptions and quotation request, please contact us.
More information on www.angatec.com

Tracks system
Max Payload
Max Power
Obstacle clearance
Max Speed
Charging time
Electrical power
Radio system

Pulling power
Temperature resistance
Command interface
Two brushless electrical engines with parking brake & temperature sensor & position sensor
Shock absorbers, tension system, anti-roll system and locking hubs
800 kg
17.8 kW
L1,600 x h685 x l790 mm (without tool)
45° (without payload)
35° (without payload)
35 cm (without payload)
500 kg (without tool)
12 km/h
Range up to 22km
4h30 (depending on the charger)
Two Removable L-ION batteries
WiFi (PT19) or military grade (PT20) radio system
Up to 5,000 meters outdoor (with PT20 option)
Real time robot monitoring (temperature, power, voltage, ...)
Data logger (up to 1,000 parameters per second)
Can pull up to 300 m of fire hose with water in
Complies with IP66 standards
> 500°C (with self protection system)
Remote control and/or rugged tablet and/or smartphone (Windows, Android, iOS)

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The TEC800 robot is extremely versatile. By simply changing the tools, the robot is able to perform different types of missions such as: fire extinguishing, transport of equipment and people, observation and measurement, ventilation, clearing, ...
The tools can be installed and removed from the robot in seconds with quick pins. Like this, you can choose multiple tools for one robot.
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